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Intenza 450 Escalate Stairclimber with i2 Console

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Intenza 450 Escalate Stairclimber with i2 Console


Intenza 450 Escalate Stairclimber with i2 Console

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450 i2 Console Your workout, your rules. Offering performance, user experience and impeccable design in premium materials and intuitive simplicity, the Intenza 450 i2 Console is designed for athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike.
Enhanced display readability, powered by its 12” LCD display, offers clean easy to read UI which guides users through workouts and with a simple twist of the precision Uni—Dial™ delivers complete access and control of all features at any given moment.
Build your brand, communicate information or simply connect to your community through the 450 i2’s dynamic messaging screensaver function. Through the multi—functional USB port, 10 image files of your choice connects your club to your members and, if service is required the smart machine automatically sends service diagnostics via Wi—Fi. To install software updates simply upload through USB.
Foot Print
L x W: 193 x 86cm (76 x 33.8")
Product Dimensions
L x W x H (20 Degree): 193 x 86 x 213cm (76 x 33.8 x 83.8")
Product Net Weight
i2 Series: 318kg (701 lbs) i2S Series: 316kg (696 lbs)
Shipping Dimensions
L x W x H: 220 x 96.5 x 163.5cm (86.6 x 37.9 x 64.3")
Shipping Gross Weight
i2 Series: 414kg (912 lbs) i2S Series: 412kg (908 lbs)
Easy Step
31cm (12.2") step—up height
Incline Angle
20—40 degrees incline angle
Maximum User Weight
181kg (400 Ibs)
Safety Sensor
Infrared sensor slows down the stairclimber to avoid accident when in danger
54cm (21.2") step width; 26cm (10.2") step depth
Step Height
10.4cm (4")—19.6cm (7.7") adjustable—step—height
User Height Range
147cm—193cm (4'9" to 6'5")
Wide SPM Range
Using magnetic—control generator braking system to reach 16—180 SPM range

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