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Intenza 450 Elliptical with i2S Console

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Intenza 450 Elliptical with i2S Console


Intenza 450 Elliptical with i2S Console

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Intenza 450 Series Elliptical Conceived to provide a natural and stable workout, the Intenza 450 Series Elliptical Trainer seamlessly mimics the timing and gait of natural running. Ergonomic handlebars are raised to a comfortable height for holding in a standing position and the pedalling motion adapted to emulate the movement of legs while running on the ground. Intuitively smooth and low—impact movement prevents stress to joints whilst providing a total body workout
Intenza i2S Console Synonymous with function and value, the beautifully proportioned Intenza 450 i2S Console is designed for training with purpose and clarity. With a simple and intuitive clean, white LED backlit user interface, comprised of three buttons, Intenza’s precision Uni—Dial™ puts users front and centre to offer complete access to features at all times. Encased in laser etched aluminum, its anti—slip beveled sides deliver unrivalled functionality and control during workouts.Uniting muscle with finesse, the 450 i2S gives you the familiar tactile feel of the Intenza experience through use of premium materials and detailing; but when your focus is pure training its aerodynamic functionality coupled with all—terrain programs offers an unrivalled practicality.
SPECIFICATIONS FOOT PRINT L x W: 209 x 84cm (83 x 33") PRODUCT DIMENSIONS L x W x H: 209 x 84 x 172cm (83 x 33 x 66") PRODUCT NET WEIGHT 183.5kg (404 lbs) SHIPPING DIMENSIONS L x W x H: 220 x 78 x 100cm (87 x 31 x 39") SHIPPING GROSS WEIGHT 248.5kg (547 lbs) 3—PHASE GENERATOR Self powered hybrid generator delivers consistent performance for a smooth and quiet workout BELT DRIVE Belt drive system for smoother, quieter performance. Minimise maintenance. Service made quick and easy. BOTTOM BRACKET High performance bottom bracket assembly with precision sealed ball bearing for exceptional performance INCLINE 16 levels (13º—40º) MAX USER WEIGHT 181kg (400 lbs) MAXIMUM WATTS 630 Watts (Level 40 at 150 SPM) MINIMUM WATTS 15 Watts (Level 1 at 40 SPM) PEDAL TO PEDAL DISTANCE 6cm (2.3") SPEED 1—25km/h (0.6—15.6 mph) RESISTANCE LEVELS 40 resistance levels meets new European EN957—9 standards STEP—UP HEIGHT 35cm (13.7") STRIDE LENGTH 52—55cm (20.4—21.6") USER HEIGHT RANGE 147—193cm (4'9" to 6'5") DISPLAY READOUTS HR, Watt, Time, Incline, Calories, Distance, SPM, Level, Workout Summary, Workout Profile HEART RATE MONITORING Polar®—coded wireless telemetry technology: built—in heart rate receiver (heart rate transmitter strap required). Digital contact heart rate technology ensures precision and reliability ON—THE—FLY Allows switching to other workout programs during exercise POWER SAVING SYSTEM Energy saver mode is used to minimize power consumption (didn't exceed 0.5W) which meet Erp EC 1275/2008 requirements MYE AUDIO KIT OPTIONS Optional accessories support MYE audio receiver UNI—DIAL™ CONTROL Complete access and control of user interface features and settings with the convenience of a Uni—Dial™ C—SAFE STANDARD POWER Standard C—SAFE power supports the power supply of external tools DISPLAY TYPE Large white light LED message centre easily provides all needed information SCREENSAVER Upload 10 image files for messages or commercial advertisements to be displayed during stand—by FITNESS TEST Fitness test determines individual's fitness level based on VO2 max standards. Test method includes Astrand—Rhyming. QUICK START Quick Start is a manual workout. ADVANCED PROGRAM 10 Preset programs: 1:3 interval, 1:2 interval, 1:1 interval, 3 step interval, Easy Hill, Rolling Hills, Peak, Hill Step, HIIT Beginner, HIIT Advanced TARGET PROGRAM 3 Target programs: Time (1—99 mins), Distance (1—99 km), Calories (10—2500 Kcals)

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